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London Se!: Part 2

So so, more London updates.

I was in Blackwell's on Charing Cross Rd, and looky what I found:

Prof Farrell's book! "The Defence and Fall of Singapore 1940-1942". Which I was supposed to have read cover to cover back in Honours year, when it was still in humble manuscript form and we all referred to it fondly as "Bob" - The Book of Brian (our Prof's first name is Brian). Naturally I didn't read it cover to cover. :P Which is why I was so surprised when I found out from my Prof I'd topped his exam. My smoking skills are ever fantastic I suppose haha.

Me writing a postcard home in the washroom over at SOAS haha. Hey, the weather was chilly and there were no tables outside; the washroom seemed the best place to do it. ^^

The British Library. Ohhh. *drool* I went to check out this exhibition I saw posters for called "Sacred". It's an exhibition comparing Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It was super fantastic. I've never really been one for comparative religion but I simply loved this exhibition.

The V&A. I spent 2 hours in this place trying to find something I liked. I kept telling myself - "It's so big! Surely you can find something you like here!" In the end I only liked the Islamic gallery (naturally) and this installation art piece by this guy who had black people dressed up as slaves dancing to Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave for You" (it was hilarious by the way hahaha). It's supposed to make you think about language and how we use it, as well as the concept of slavery itself.

Oh, speaking of slavery, practically all the museums and galleries I went to (British Museum, V&A, Tate Britain... Can't remember the rest) were having an exhibition or event about slavery, as Britain's commemmorating the bicentenary of the Parliamentary abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I was very impressed with the coordination.

Me on the Millennium Bridge, en route to the Tate Modern. Thankfully they've managed to fix the bridge such that it's no longer bouncy nyahaha. Oh, and one of the scenes in one of my favourite Hindi movies of all time, Salaam-e-Ishq, has Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan and a whole bunch of other dancers prancing about on this bridge as well. :P

More pics laters!