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Jan. 1st, 2009

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

New Year thoughts.

Happy New Year, people! :)

And so, as usual, we come to my Annual End of Year Audit, in which I round up my life. I doubt many are interested (ha ha!) but for my own reference, here we go. In no apparent order, in no particular form, my thoughts for the upcoming New Year.

1. I resolve to not lose my temper that badly. For example - last night's NYE celebration made me see red (literally) due to this careless girl who decided not to exercise caution and therefore spilling drinks on me and my boy, and I just lost it and stalked out. I'm still very pissed about that incident (our clothes! My bag!) but... Hafta play nice. Must also keep remembering to play nice because you never know when you might be the one to do stupid things like that and be on the other end. And plus I'm just generally a nice person (I hope!), and it was an accident.

2. I need to finally tell this particular ex of mine that it's never gonna happen between us and stop hoping he'll get the message on his own (which I thought he would after all these years!). This resolve comes from several texts on my phone that I got from him between 2 and 3am last night telling me happy new year and that he had a real urge to see me and that he was going to drive down to my place to see me (at 3 in the morning!!!). Nonononono haha.

3. Get more in control of my career. Not gonna talk much about this but I've got a rough idea.

4. Stop being so disorganised about things. Honestly. I'll start small, from keeping my table at work organised, and hopefully progress to big, my wedding. Haha. Considering almost all brides-to-be I know keep a checklist and continually think about details, I must be the most bo chap bride-to-be I know. Which is not a good thing.

5. 2008 has been pretty good for me in some ways. I got together with my boy this year (hurrah!), and that's made a big difference to my habits of dating boys as a time-pass thing and getting rid of them after a while. I also got closer to my colleagues (now friends) at work and that has made me feel that going to work isn't such a bad thing after all.

6. I still miss my baby cat. :( But at least now I can talk about him without feeling a strong desire to bawl.

7. I need to start being more healthy, i.e. do stuff like run, gym, etc. Weight-wise I'm actually in danger of going below the required BMI so I figure I should eat more. But that's unhealthy cos I actually eat quite a bit already so it's time to hit the gym, perhaps, build up some muscles or whatnot. Sighhhhhhhhhh.

8. To start appreciating my room more, considering how my horrible elder sis is going to return from the States in a few months' time full of evil plans to annex my room once I move out. Haha.

And there you go. Maybe more thoughts will come along my way later on.

Dec. 27th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

Spin Me!

This sooo classic! Wahahaha. My boy sent me this video just now and I was like - whoa, memories!

From the first time I watched the video, all those many years ago, I was always amused at how the video is such a literal manifestation of the song lyrics - and how that dude in purple can wiggle his shoulders and gyrate his hips to such retro perfection.

Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", people! :)

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)


Ahhh. I just looove Craig David. I think people (especially in the UK) went off him after he ran off to focus Stateside after his fantastic first album, but I'm still a fan, fan, fan!!! His voice is so smooth and his music dancey. Whoo.

Here's his latest - "Insomnia".




Dec. 18th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

Single Ladies!

I looove Beyonce. She's talented, smart, and gorgeous to boot.

And hell, can she perform live!


Wow. I mean, wow. Whoo!



shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

Take That vs Britney Spears.

Ahhh, don't you just love the Brits?? Their sense of humour just cracks me up, everytime!

Take that vs Britney Spears

Heehee. ^^

Dec. 5th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)


I got tagged almost 2 months ago on Wens' blog, but I've been too lazy to do it haha. ^^ Here we go!

a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation.
b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday:-


Check out the number. Sigh. And, no, I certainly am not as hot as Katherine Heigl.

2. A place you'd like to travel to:-

My boy's been to Russia. I haven't. There's something seriously wrong with that equation, don't you think?

3. Your favourite place:-

I just love Bangkok. Don't you? 

4. Your favourite food:-

Cheeken rice!!! :)

5. Your favourite pet:-

I miss my cat. :(

But boy and I are getting a cat (or two) after we get married. But I still miss my cat. :(

6. Your favourite colour combination:-

Pink and white!!! :)

7. Your favourite piece of clothing:-

The shirt-dress!

8. Your favourite TV show:-

"Lacroix, sweetie, Lacroix!!!"

9. First name of your significant other:-

Oh dear!!! I have to say, I truly believe my significant other is waaaayyy better-looking than this!!!

10. The town in which you live in:-

Majulah, Singapura!

11. Your first job:-

Moulding the Future of Our Nation. (Corrupting, more like, hehehehe)

12. Your dream job:-

HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, I hope my boy is not reading this. ;p

13. A bad habit that you have:-

I'll elaborate on this later.

14. Your worst fear:-

Other than things like losing my boy/family, having no money etc... I hate worms. I'm super scared of them.

15. What you would like to do before you die:-

Mera Bharat Maha!! India zindabad! ;p

I henceforth tag:


Nov. 21st, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

Mini audit.

I usually do an end-of-year audit on my life, but am thinking back on this year now, whilst sitting in my room, and so I shall do a mini audit right now.



1. The most major one, obviously - a fiance. Haha. Such is God's will that just when we give up and decide that it's never gonna happen, it does. :)

2. A god-daughter! In line with my "no extremely personal information unless necessary", I'm not putting up her pic nor did I announce it the day I got one, but yes, sometime last week I acquired for myself a god-daughter thanks to Nat finally popping. :) Whee! Me and Wens are super happy to be joint Godmums to that precious little tot. Altho it has (and this is just the beginning) already cost us a (rather expensive!) trinket from Tiffany's hahahaha.

3. A new direction to my career. More information to be released (at least publicly) next year. Haha.


Hmm, to be honest, nothing really. Not that I can think of. At least nothing very important haha.

I would, however, like to lose some weight off my arse. Sigh.


I'm sure I'll remember more things as the year comes to a close. But as for now, I shall go read a bit before my boy picks me up after his solat Jumaat. Toodle-oo!

(Btw am I the only one who finds the latest release on radio from High School Musical 3 highly frightening???)

Nov. 20th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)

A special message.

A special message to my elder sis currently halfway across the world in New York:


Hahahahahaha. Cos my evil sister has plans for my room, horrible horrible. So far away and can still think of evil plans!!! Tsk tsk. *shakes head*

Nov. 18th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)


Been longing for those days again when I enjoyed peace, quiet and calm. The only time in my life when I felt all that at the same time was in Calcutta, sitting on the rooftops of Pallisathi, looking at the bright lights that were shining from some distance away and wondering what those lights could be. Some of my friends thought the lights were shining from a harbour, I personally thought it was Calcutta town area itself.

I know I've mentioned that before on my blog some time ago, but it's an image that stays in my head and heart and such experiences are something I value very much.

*shakes head to clear memories*

But onwards and forwards to new memories, I say. :)

New memories... Such as those with my boy. We went looking for wedding bands today and it really, really hit me that next year my life will change. My Mum keeps telling me horror stories of what will happen after I get married, such as - "He'll no longer text or reply your texts!" (after which I made him promise to not become like that haha), and "You'll have no maid to iron your clothes!!!" (I iron myself lor. I hate ironing but bo pian! I certainly won't die from it). Financial responsibilities, familial responsibilities, social responsibilities... Gyahhh. Life was sooo much easier as a swinging single (or an "attached but don't really care about boy" girl, which was pretty much always the case haha), there's much less expectations to juggle, but I have to say I now wouldn't have it any other way. :)

Anyways moving on swiftly, boy and I think we've found our wedding bands. It's a bit early but it's not like wedding bands really change designs and all, plus we want the really simple, classic wedding band kind. My boy wanted us to get rings that, in his words, "make us look really married", and the ones we found fit the bill perfectly. His is just really a simple platinum band (Muslim men can't wear gold), and mine's the same except with a miniature tiny diamond in the centre (when we started looking for wedding bands, I stipulated that I wanted one of those with a little diamond in the ring hahaha, it's so pretty!). No fancy designs, nothing, whoo. We haven't bought the rings la, still gonna look around at the other shops and all, but I think we've pretty much decided. :)

And with some coaxing (and after seeing how good Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan - my two favouritest Hindi actors - look in them), boy has also agreed to wear ethnic costumes for occasions. *yes!* This from the chap who made a career out of avoiding any form of ethnic costumes for any sort of occasions saying they made him look stupid. Hehehe. I luuurve ethnic clothes and will wear them at any formal occasion (kebayas, baju kurungs, Punjabi suits, sarees, etc before I started wearing the tudung), and so I am now well pleased with my efforts. Yay! :D

I also need to clean my room... Sigh sigh. Too much paper/unopened mail/general junk lying around. And my wardrobe audit awaits!!! I've pretty much given up finding decent clothes I can wear, thanks to the fact that I wear a tudung and thus finding long-sleeved stuff is a problem here in sunny Singapore (plus the colour coordination is HELL). What I actually went and did is boy and I picked out some material in Arab St and we sent it to a tailor to make into shirts I can wear. I just did that over the weekend so waiting for the time when I can pick them up. If that works out well I'll just tailor my clothes from now on.

Okays I need to sleep. Toodle-oo!

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Nov. 12th, 2008

shuichibang/gravi (lelola)


It's Britney, b**ch!

I've never hidden my love for Britney Spears and her cheesy, radio friendly songs. I love Britney. She doesn't have the world's greatest voice but she knows how to work with what she has. Plus she always looked great. I was so so sad when she went downhill after that whole Kevin Federline thing.

But I have to say, I think Britney's back!!! I just found this picture of Britney making an appearance at a Madonna concert very recently. She looks FAB!!! This on top of her super-duper-hawt bod in the "Womanizer" video.

Whee. Britney's back! :)


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